Organization and Partners

A total of 13 partners participate in the project, including 3 agencies, 8 municipalities, Aage V. Jensen's Naturfond and 15. Juni Fonden.

A detailed description of the individual partners, their role in the project and contact information can be found in the individual subfolders. In addition to the partners in the project, there is close cooperation with 7 local agricultural associations. Other NGOs will be involved in connection to specific activities.

The Danish Nature Agency is, as the beneficiary, overall responsible for the project's implementation and finances. The Danish Nature Agency has the overall role as administrative project manager , as well as the overall financial project manager responsibility.  

The overall daily project management is carried out by a secretariat connected to the Nature Agency Himmerland. The secretariat consists of two professional project managers and a financial project manager as well as a municipal secretary employee.

The municipalities are responsible for the concrete implementation of the project activities in the individual municipality, the involvement of landowners and NGOs and the technical and financial reporting of the projects to the secretariat. Each municipality appoints a local project manager who coordinates the project activities in the municipality in question.

The Organizing of the project