Supplementary Projects

It is important that the funding from EU provide the LIFE project with an increased activity in the project area and within academic content of the project.

It is expected that the DKK 130 million funding for LIFE IP NATUREMAN will lead to supplementary project for at least DKK 70 million from other funds. The supplementary funding is to be granted from the Rural Development Program or other EU funds and other public or private funds.

We have promised that LIFE IP NATUREMAN will deliver 1000 applications to the EU Rural Development Program including 10-15 applications on restoration of watercourses, wetland or lowland. We will also contribute to the establishment of 8-10 research and development projects with funding outside the LIFE program.

The supplementary projects include all projects that Natureman considers work towards the same goals within the same geographical area as LIFE IP Natureman. Natureman is not required to be an active partner or financially co-finance the supplementary projects.